Meet The Pack

Meet The K9 Games Reno Team

Susan Kijowski ~ Co-Owner


Susan has been working with and training dogs for almost 20 years. Her expertise includes dog psychology, leadership, and diagnosing and addressing problematic behaviors. She is also co-founder of K9 Games Reno, a multi-service canine athletic club in Reno that offers a structured environment for exercise, training, agility, and socialization.

​ Aubrey Block ~ Dog Trainer & Handler


“I grew up with dogs— there were always at least 4 dogs in my house at a time throughout my childhood. I got my start working with dogs as a kennel tech at a boarding and training facility and was hired by Susan to work for K9 Games in March of 2016. I have 4 years of experience training dogs in obedience and 2 years of behavioral training experience. I wanted to work for K9 Games because they presented a unique opportunity to strengthen my training skills and add to my understanding of dog behavior. I wanted to be able to help owners who had difficult or aggressive dogs create a healthier lifestyle. Being a part of these life changing experiences as well as getting the opportunity to work and learn from Susan are what makes working here so worth it. My favorite part about working here is seeing the progress our clients’ dogs make. I love being a part of the process of helping the owners and seeing how happy they are with the progress their dogs make here—it is a very rewarding experience. As for myself, I currently own 2 dogs, Captain and Kona, and a horse named Roanie. Captain is a German Shepard and will be celebrating his 2nd birthday in January. Kona is my 5-year- old Queensland Heeler/Border Collie mix and Roanie is a 9-year- old red roan Quarter Horse. They are my pride and joy and bring me so much happiness. When I am not at work, I like to stay active—whether that be fishing, riding my horse, exploring the local areas, or going to the gym, I enjoy taking advantage of my time outside of work. I also love taking my dogs to Lake Tahoe where they can swim and we can camp and kayak together.”​

Zane Cleaves ~ Dog Handler & Aquatic Activities Coordinator


“Dogs have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started working professionally with dogs through my family’s grooming business where I was responsible for bathing, brushing, and eventually clipping hair. I currently still practice grooming, and have even provided show prep for dogs who have competed at Westminster and in the Eukanuba National Championships. I chose to work for K9 Games because I wanted the chance to expand my canine knowledge and continue working with dogs while becoming part of a growing business. I started at K9 Games in April 2017 and have since become the Aquatic Activities Coordinator,which means I get to go swimming with, and plan water activities for the dogs just about everyday. Besides teaching dogs to swim, paddle-board, dock dive, and so much more, I love coming to work because everyday is something different with new challenges to work through. When I’m not in the pool providing hydrotherapy or teaching dogs to kayak, I am tending to my own pack, which consists of 4 dogs and 1 cat. Uno is my 21-year- old cat that has been in my life since the day I was born. He shares the house with two 15-year- old Chihuahuas named Blondie and Fudge, as well as a Border Collie named Anna and a Pit-bull named Luna. Outside of work I enjoy spending my time baking and coming up with new recipes or getting lost in a good sci-fi novel.”